"By putting customer satisfaction in the top priority,
Hamchang will increase customer value.

Since its foundation, Hamchang has performed thorough quality control and sincere construction. Therefore, receiving customer reliability, the company has grown to a premium plant construction enterprise.

Particularly, in the main area of seawater desalination plant, the company has experienced construction of three commercial types (RO, MSF, and MED) and has received credit for its achievements, technology and competitiveness. Aside from that, in the area of industrial equipment, and power & environment plants including large storage tank, the company is well recognized by customers because of high quality and precise construction time.

Over the last three decades, Hamchang has gone forward step by step with its attitude of ‘going to a thousand miles with an easy pace’ and has put a stepping stone for the next leap.

Hamchang will never forget its first resolution ‘put customer satisfaction in the top priority to increase customer value’ and will continue to open a new market and take on new challenges.

Based on the social responsibility of enterprises as the main entity of economy and a part of society, Hamchang will do the best for better world through sharing and voluntary service.

CEOJung dae Harm