Introduction to Social Contribution

“A leader without virtue never succeeds, and a company without sharing never grows.”

Hamchang practices social services through various sharing activities.

Sponsorship for unpopular sports

"The signing of a women's rugby team (Seoul Ellis) sponsorship agreement"
We signed a sponsorship agreement with the women's rugby team to help develop female rugby in Korea, we make donations and support goods to them annually.
Though it is unpopular sport in Korea, we will not only play the role of a benefactor, but we will continue to support it with sincerity under the motto-'Cheer up their flamy passion'

Multi-cultural family support

"Donation of PCs to Multi-cultural Family Support Center in Ansan"
Our company donated recycled PCs for multi-cultural families at Multi-cultural Family Support Center in Ansan.

Sports sponsorship

"Sponsorship of The National Police Agency's Professional Soccer Team"
The National Police Agency's Professional Soccer Team (K-League Challenge) is based in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where Hamchang headquarter is located.
Our chairman, Harm Jung-dae, was the first president of the team, and he is still making great efforts to develop elite sports players, promote sports for the member of society, and build up a sports infrastructure.
We will continue to actively participate in social contributions of corporate through various activities of sports-sponsor.